Dr. R. P. Singh
MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

Email:                                                 Phone: 9834024666
Address: Principal Residence, Government Medical College, Badaun

Principal Message

The Government Medical College is equipped with the latest scientific equipments, teaching aids and most modern R & D facilities. There exists hostels for both boys and girls and residential accommodation for faculty and other staff.


The advancement in medical science has increased our longevity and reduced mortality rate. However rapid industrialization and proliferation of technology in all walks of life has adversely affected our environment in many ways leading to new types of diseases and ailments, which pose a great challenge to the medical fraternity. The demand for medical professionals for therapeutic treatment as well as research work is ever increasing both within the country and abroad.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has set up the Government Medical College at Badaun to meet the ever-growing needs of medical professionals who are equipped with the best of knowledge and techniques. In order to achieve the goal, faculty members of very sound background in different branches of Medicine have been brought from all over the country for teaching, research and technical guidance. It is the earnest endeavor of the Government to fulfill its committment of improved health care services and the Nation through this Institution.

To effectively implement programs through creativity, innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation Inculcate communication skills and scientific temperament among faculty and students through research oriented activities, Enhance competency through knowledge and skills, reading and learning activities, continuous objective oriented student performance evaluation Nurture professionalism and behavioral skills in medical professionals. Incorporate medical ethics, moral values, team spirit, responsibilities and sense of integrity in medical faculty and students Ensure academic, career and personal counseling, Collect patient oriented evidence that matters. Adopt transparency and accountability in academic and administrative activities, Develop, design and implement innovative and translational scientific discoveries, Discover, understand and improve the health of populations, communities and societies.